The Platooning Extension for Veins.

Plexe is a cooperative driving framework extending SUMO and Veins permitting the realistic simulation of platooning (i.e., automated car-following) systems. It features realistic vehicle dynamics and several cruise control models, permitting the analysis of control systems, large-scale and mixed scenario, as well as networking protocols and cooperative maneuvers. It is free to download and easy to extend.

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If you use Plexe, please cite our work as

Michele Segata, Stefan Joerer, Bastian Bloessl, Christoph Sommer, Falko Dressler and Renato Lo Cigno, "PLEXE: A Platooning Extension for Veins," Proceedings of 6th IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC 2014), Paderborn, Germany, December 2014. [BibTeX, Details...]


  • Plexe-3.0 released (2021-04-27): The newest version includes several new features and bugfixes. See here for more details.
  • Publications page (2021-04-14): We added a page listing papers that use Plexe. Click here to see it.
  • Plexe to become part of SUMO (2019-01-25): Plexe models are in the process of being integrated into the official SUMO release. Please see the FAQs section for information on repository changes.
  • cstdint or random not found (2018-09-21): If when compiling in debug mode with clang you get a “fatal error ‘cstdint’ not found” (or ‘random’), see building for macOS for the fix.
  • Fox library not found on macOS (2018-09-20): If cmake says it cannot find the FOX library even though it is installed, please see building for macOS for the fix.
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