The Platooning Extension for Veins.

Downloading Plexe

Plexe is Open Source and free to download, use, and modify. As for Veins, Plexe is made by two components, one for the network simulation (Plexe-Veins) and one for the road traffic simulation (Plexe-SUMO). Veins is based on the OMNeT++ network simulation framework. For instructions on how to download and install OMNeT++, please refer to the official website or the Plexe documentation. To download Plexe you have two options: Cloning the git repositories or downloading the ZIP archives (not recommended, see the FAQ).

Through the git repositories (recommended):

There are two repositories, one for Plexe-Veins and one for Plexe-SUMO. Version control is managed using branches. In both repositories, the latest release is available in the plexe-2.0 branch. As described in the tutorial section there are other branches for the examples as well. To get the repositories:

cd ~/src
git clone
git clone

You can browse the source online at github:

Plexe-Veins 2.0 (latest) Plexe-SUMO 2.0 (latest)

Plexe-Veins Dev (development) Plexe-SUMO Dev (development)

Plexe-Veins 1.1 (obsolete) Plexe-SUMO 1.1 (obsolete)

Downloading the zip archives (not recommended):

Latest release: Plexe 2.0

You can download the lastest release of the Plexe components here:

The source code for the examples is also available

Previous releases: Plexe 1.1

Old and obsolete version of Plexe

Code for the examples

Other releases: Development version

Plexe version in active development (might be unstable)

Code for the examples