The Platooning Extension for Veins.


  • libFOX crash fix on MacOS (3 Mar. 2017): An upgrade to libFOX causes the SUMO GUI to crash on MacOS. Please see the building for MacOS for the fix.
  • Documentation updated (3 Nov. 2016): We updated the documentation for the "Extending Plexe" tutorial. The tutorial now includes the list of changes made to the code to implement a new controller, as well as a diff to "formally" visualize all the changes.
  • Documentation updated (2 Nov. 2016): The documentation now lists also the set of relevant files modified in Plexe-SUMO.
  • New tutorial (28 Oct. 2016): We added a new tutorial on including non-platooning vehicles in your simulation and setting transmit power and physical layer bitrate from your code.
  • Bugfix (20 Oct. 2016): We fixed a bug in Plexe-SUMO that might make vehicles misbehave for a platoon size larger than 8. If you are experiencing troubles, please update your Plexe-SUMO source from github, plexe-dev branch (go to github).
  • macOS Sierra (20 Oct. 2016): If you are having problems building Plexe-SUMO on macOS Sierra, please see building notes for macOS here.
  • Little documentation update (7 Sept. 2016): The documentation section now lists the Plexe-Veins source files together with their purpose. In addition the API section lists the Plexe API developed for specific platooning purposes. The full source code documentation is still in preparation, but this should help you getting started.
  • Plexe-2.0 released: The newest version includes several new features and bugfixes. See here for more details.
  • Please consider using development version: Plexe-1.1 is still based on old versions of Veins and SUMO. Several bugs have been fixed on newer versions of the software, so please consider using the development version of Plexe. See this page for more info.
  • Realistic engine model: We are now working together with people at the University of Naples on a detailed engine model for Plexe. It is very promising, but it still need some testing. Stay tuned!
  • Windows bugfix: When compiling Plexe-SUMO on Windows via Visual Studio, the compiler was not able to find the definition of C functions fmin and fmax. Thanks to Nirupama Ravi from UMass Amherst for providing me with the solution.
  • New controller model: A new CACC is now available in the development version. This is the platooning controller developed by Ploeg et. al. in [1]. This leaderless controller exploits data received from the vehicle directly in front, and uses a constant time-headway spacing policy. Check the article (and the source code) for more details.
  • Upgrade to Veins 4: Plexe-Veins is now based on Veins version 4. Veins 4 includes new PHY-layer features, together with other improvements. Check the full changelog for more details.


  • [1]: J. Ploeg, B. Scheepers, E. van Nunen, N. van de Wouv, and H. Nijmeijer, "Design and Experimental Evaluation of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control," Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC 2011), Washington, DC, October 2011, pp. 260-265. [paper at]