The Platooning Extension for Veins.

Plexe Examples - Heterogeneous networks

This quick tutorial assumes that you already have installed Plexe and all the required software following the instruction inside the building section, including INET, SimuLTE, and VeinsVLC. After doing so, please set up the environmental variables by running the following

1 2
cd ~/src/plexe . ./setenv

Plexe VLC

In the plexe/subprojects/plexe_vlc folder you find the Plexe VLC subproject, where 802.11p and VLC are used simultaneously. To run the simulation, go to examples/plexe_vlc and run

./run -u Cmdenv -c Sinusoidal -r 0

This will run a Sinsusoidal simulation with PATH’s CACC.

Plexe LTE

In the plexe/subprojects/plexe_lte folder you find the Plexe LTE subproject that uses 802.11p and LTE C-V2X Mode 3. The simulation includes two platoons and the second one wants to merge with the first. There is a TrafficAuthority application in an internet server that coordinates them until they are close enough. When getting close enough they perform the merge via 802.11p. To run the simulation, go to examples/plexe_lte and run

./run -u Cmdenv -c CV2XMerge -r 0

Plexe HetNet

In the plexe/subprojects/plexe_hetnet folder you find the Plexe HetNet subproject, where 802.11p, VLC, and LTE C-V2X Mode 3 are used simultaneously to exchange control beacons. To run the simulation, go to examples/plexe_hetnet and run

./run -u Cmdenv -c HetNet -r 0